Put Them Into The Movie

Years ago, “Big Al” Schreiter who is a stalwart of the industry used to say we needed to put our prospect “into the 45 second movie.”  What he was talking about was finding and magnifying a person’s why.

In my early days I would conduct meetings with lots of circles like an octopus and talk about PV and Legs.  People would look at you like you were building a Frankenstein Monster.  A much more effective way to teach the ‘Benefits” of the business is to focus on a person’s “Why”. Continue reading Put Them Into The Movie

New Enthusiasm

Whether you are a new dealer or a seasoned Executive in Vollara, this message is for you.   In 2015, a ton of new people will be flowing into your group.  It is important to understand what makes new people tick and why they are most often more productive.

One answer is called New Enthusiasm.  Remember how you felt when you installed brand new carpet in your home or purchased a brand new car?  For the first few days you think about this new car or how your new home looks constantly.  We come in the front door of the house and take our shoes off.  We are careful where we park our car in the shopping mall lot.  We have great pride in our new car or carpet. Continue reading New Enthusiasm

2015 Growth and Prosperity

2015 is the year of Vollara Growth and Prosperity.  I am 100% focused on helping your business grow if that is what you desire.

The ABC simple building system is going to help a lot of people succeed.  One of the components of ABC is the Host Rewards Program, which is the most powerful strategy I have been apart of in 37 years in the industry.  Recently, I interviewed brand new Level 6 Executive Barry Durbin on how he incorporates Host Rewards in his plan.  Barry marketed 36 Fresh Air units through 28 Host Rewards Events.

Barry states, “I am now at generation 5 and 6 deep in my group with Host Reward Events.  I no longer have to find hosts because the multiplication in my group is attracting more Hosts and Hostesses than I can even handle.  This business is mushrooming fast due to Host Rewards and ABC!”

Please listen to the audio of the most powerful 25 minutes I have heard in a long time.