New Enthusiasm

Whether you are a new dealer or a seasoned Executive in Vollara, this message is for you.   In 2015, a ton of new people will be flowing into your group.  It is important to understand what makes new people tick and why they are most often more productive.

One answer is called New Enthusiasm.  Remember how you felt when you installed brand new carpet in your home or purchased a brand new car?  For the first few days you think about this new car or how your new home looks constantly.  We come in the front door of the house and take our shoes off.  We are careful where we park our car in the shopping mall lot.  We have great pride in our new car or carpet.

I remember when I met Nata at age 15.  My heart would pound as I anticipated our next date.  I wanted to be with her, hear  her voice.  Over time, that love and commitment has actually grown, but the enthusiasm of newness is very special and wonderful emotion.

In fact, the root of the word “enthusiasm” is a phrase that means “filled with God.”  Very powerful.  But, new enthusiasm is fleeting.   How long can you continue to be super enthused about your new car or carpet?   How long before you park in the smallest spot in the parking lot or walk right over the new carpet with your shoes on?   A month?  Six months?  Sooner or later new enthusiasm is gone.  How long is a brand new Distributor so enthused about their new Vollara business that they think about it on their pillow when going to sleep and waking up?

If this emotion is fleeting, shouldn’t we harness all its potential and power during its short life?  Can we extend the lifespan of enthusiasm?  And as Vollara leaders, shouldn’t we learn how to capitalize on the enthusiasm of our new Distributors that join us month to month?

You already know the answer – Yes!

First and foremost a New Distributor must use it or lose it.  Don’t use the age old excuse of “I am waiting to get more knowledge because I don’t know enough yet” or “I am getting everything organized” or “I want to see how the product sells before I start recruiting.”  Instead, knock the doors down while the S is still bright red on your Superman suit.

Make a list of potential business:

  1. Potential product buyers
  2. Potential partners
  3. Potential cities your business can expand to
  4. Your six most wanted list – the best candidates or the friends you are compelled to talk to first.

The list will change from week to week as circumstances change.  The most important step to take advantage of New Enthusiasm is Get Started – Getting Started is ½ done

What does a leader do with the brand new team mates to take full advantage of New Enthusiasm?

  • Welcome Calls
  • Welcome Letters
  • Welcome Emails
  • Visiting
  • Live events like potlucks, Healthy Home Showcases, Host Rewards events, Business Opportunity Events
  • Tapping into Company events like the Tuesday Night Company Call – 8:00pm eastern 712-432-9700  8655272#
  • 3-Way Calls with Upline

Don’t lose your first love

Just like an anniversary husband and wife getaway can rekindle the new enthusiasm, a Vollara leader can constantly rekindle enthusiasm with their team.

Provide a steady stream of new ideas to be enthused about.  The Company supplies a steady stream of new products to get enthused about.   Bring new speakers to your meetings and calls so your group is stimulated with New Enthusiasm.

In a Country, Community, Church or your Vollara Business, leadership is needed to keep everyone enthused about moving their lives forward and keeping their  businesses energized.


Enthusiastically (still after 36 years!)

Mike Jackson

National Field Leader and Co-Owner Vollara

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  1. I just found the answer to my previous question….36 years! Thanks for the legacy and sharing your heart.

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