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This is Mike Jackson. I serve Vollara as a Co-owner and The National Field Leader. Over the last six years, an all new business foundation has been built here at the Company. The platform for success has never been more sound. Over the years, over $400,000,000.00 has been earned by our distributors. Over $60,000,000.00 in bonus cars have been awarded. Many have changed their lives for the better.

But, in 2016 things are better than ever and we are on the launch pad for bigger and better things. I would like to invite you to view Vollara fresh and new. Here are some highlights:

  1. Products: Fresh Air Surround is dramatically improved in performance and quality. The technology has 44 times the airflow over the RCI Activepure cell. This means 44 times more Photo Catalytic Oxidation power killing germs, bacteria and mold. Further, the units have gone through a 100-point quality process that is used in our parent Companies process. We rarely have a product failure today. Take a look at this Fresh Air Surround video
  2. Laundrypure is now smaller and extremely effective. Easily 300% improved.
  3. Living Water is a game changer. This is nothing like the Living Water I, II or III. Living Water is the health beverage of the future.
  4. Profits: The Company has reduced our price to purchase across the board. The profits on a Fresh Air is over $400.00 when purchased in 4 packs. That is up from $250.00 in days gone by.
  5. Compensation Plan: It now only takes two months to start earning the highest compensation. As early as the second month we can earn 35% team bonuses through the Executive Apprentice program.
  6. It cost way less to start a successful business now.
  7. Many new income streams are now available from Vollara.
  8. It takes only 40% of the old plan to earn a bonus car!
  9. Each year one of two travel incentives are announced. These family trip is “very” obtainable with very reasonable targets to hit. Ireland was just announced as an upcoming trip!
  10. The new Eagles nest program pays an extra $1000 to $10,000 per month for building Group Volume. Group volume is the volume of your entire team including those promoted under you.
  11. Executive Sharing Pool is a powerful incentive. The Company sets aside 2% of top line revenues and pays to qualified executives at the end of the year at a five star get-a-way location!

Bonuses generated for sponsoring

This is a big one no Company can match. Help others succeed and the bonuses are very generous.

Powerful ways to get new customers and partners

Host Rewards

Vollara provides distributors with a $3,750.00 monthly co-op advertising budget to help build businesses.

Two Healthy Home Check-ups per day

Conduct Healthy Home check-up kits for less than $2.50 each. I find one sale per every three home test.

I would be pleased to work with you to help you grow a great income with Vollara in 2016!

To your success,
Mike Jackson

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