Doubling Your Income In 60 Days

Why do we work harder to survive than we will to succeed? In 1979, I had no home, a old chevy blazer and everything I owned in it including my two children and my wife Nata. It was freezing cold out in Minnesota and we spent our last $25 for a room to sleep in for the night. We laid Michelle and Mike Jr. down that night not knowing where they would sleep the next night or how we would feed them or put gas in the car.

Survival instincts kicked in and we resolved all and built a great future. When your kids are hungry and tired, 100% of your focus is on survival.

What would happen if we put 100% of our focus on success? Success in building a great family, great finances and a great Vollara business? In August and September of 2015, Vollara has given us a unprecedented opportunity to double our income through sponsoring. Read on and take advantage of this one time opportunity to build your team in 60 days.

Doubling your income in 60 Days

Vollara has announced the most powerful incentive for August and September 2015. This incentive will award a complete Whole Home Protection System valued at $3,600.00 retail for those that achieve personal sponsoring targets. The challenge is simple and obtainable.

Sponsor 4 activated* Distributors in August and 6 activated* Distributors in September and Vollara will ship the Whole Home Protection System to your home. The System includes 1 Fresh Air Surround, 1 Living Water and 1 LaundryPure!

5 steps to double your Group Volume and your income with this powerful incentive:

  1. Commit to winning your own Whole Home Protection System personally. Start presenting the Vollara Opportunity and Product early in August to get a head start.
  2. Make a list of everyone on your team that has the potential to sponsor even one other Distributor.
  3. Contact each potential sponsoring Distributor and enthusiastically explain the program and ask them to join you in earning the prize.
  4. Lead your Distributor team to success with weekly encouragement calls, emails and meetings keeping them moving forward toward the goal.
  5. Recognize weekly success on your team.

*An activated Distributor is someone sponsored from August 1st to the end of September that orders a minimum of 100 pv or joins with one of the 8 auto delivery approved orders.

Imagine adding 25,000 team volume in two months!

Here’s how:

5 team members plus you earning the Whole Home System would add 60 Distributors to your team. Assuming 1/3 ordered only a one time 100 pv order, 1/3 signed up only for auto delivery and 1/3 went on auto delivery and ordered a Builder Pack or Whole Home Pack, you would add 25,000 in volume to your team or more. Many of these distributors will go on and build a business.

I always believe that when you raise your hand and say “Count on me – I’m in” it makes a huge difference at the end of the day. So, I am asking you to recommit by commenting below and stating, “Vollara, get my $3600.00 Whole Home Protection System ready, you will be sending one to me”.

Next week I will conduct a 40 minute online seminar that will give you ideas on approaching and presenting Vollara to help you achieve your mission.

Double your income in August and September 2015!


Mike Jackson

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