Creating a culture that fosters business success

Nata and I began our networking career in 1978. I was a City Bus driver earning about $1000.00 a month. We had two children and another on the way. We had everything we owned in the back of a Chevy Blazer and had to move into my younger brothers cement basement.

When I found this amazing industry, I did not have a network of friends or business associates. I had no money. My car did not have a back window in Minnesota winters. I was very afraid of public speaking. In other words, I was not a great candidate for success in network marketing.

Built an environment that created success

We decided to reach the income and lifestyle targets we desired, we were going to have to build a success system around events using baby steps. This strategy allowed us to become full-time in the business in less than a year and more than quadruple our take home income as compared to being a city bus driver.


You can’t invite someone to take a baby step if there are no events to invite them to! What comes first, the chicken or the egg, right? We believed that if we scheduled the events and then rallied our small team to fill them up with guests taking baby evaluation steps, we would soon have a huge growth surge. And that is what happened. So what are these events?

Events and destinations are places your prospects can visit to learn more and become more interested.

  • Business Breakfast Briefing – We learned that is was easy to invite a couple to a business breakfast. We held these at a hotel and later in our home. We let people know we had a business strategy that allowed people to open some distribution channels that create streams of income. This is knocking off 5, 10 and even 15 years from people’s retirement plans. We would love for them to join us for breakfast with a few other couples. After breakfast, we will lay out the plan. For 10 years I had 4 to 10 couples a month attend events like this and built a high six figure income doing it.
  • Covered Dish or Pot Luck – Food creates a relaxed and fun environment. We regularly had these food events with a business overview at the end. Nata did middle of the day salad luncheons for women invites.
  • Business Lunches – We hosted a lunch at a food establishment with a private room. We had a nice lunch and presented the business.
  • Healthy Home Showcases – This is a 55 minute group product demonstration than ends with Field Testers.  Vollara provides co-op advertising through this program with Host Rewards.

In all the above cases we used 10 event-building techniques to ensure a full room. When our team is presenting the business, we always have a baby step invitation at our disposal.

Example: “Jim and Mary, on Saturday morning we have a business breakfast. I would love for you guys to be my guest to learn more. The attire is business casual, the breakfast is great and you will meet some really great people. How about I pick you up at 8:30 and we ride together.”

The DSA says to close a sale or recruit a prospect, it takes from 8 to 12 touches.

Tools in our tool-box for Bakers Dozen Baby Steps.

  • Monday Night Freedom Call – 10 p.m. each Monday Night. Hundreds join the call monthly to bring guests to get exposed to America’s Best Business Opportunity. 712-775-7085 password 579301#.
  • Invitation Movie – just over 4 minutes.
  • 3-way calls are a powerful tool for baby steps. Your upline partner is always standing by to spend 10 minutes with your potential new Distributor.
  • Darrin Hardy audio evaluation – This audio helps a brand new prospect understand the possibilities of a Home Based Business.
  • Jim RohnYour first year in Home Based Business – Similar to Darren Hardy but extremely motivating.
  • – I like to send both product and business candidates to this generic site to learn about our technology. I tell them to view the Fresh Air and LaundryPure Powerpoint at a minimum.
  • Hand out a Petri Dish Home Air Test Kit and a Proof Book
  • Invite to a scheduled event like a Business Breakfast Briefing, Covered Dish, Business lunch.
  • Invite to a scheduled Healthy Home Showcase.
  • Sit down and give a business one-on-one presentation
  • Give a product demonstration with FreshAir, Living Water and Essentials for Life and provide a product sample to try personally.
  • Literature handout – You can provide product brochures from My favorite is the Vital Waters materials, FreshAir brochures, LaundryPure brochures. You can even have them personalized with your name, website, phone etc.
  • Invite to the Tuesday Night Company Call or your team call.

Remember, the reason for the first step is the second step. Our research says if you get a good prospect to 3 baby steps, often they will sponsor themselves! Five Steps and they will join more often than not. Make sure you go through all the Baby Steps and are comfortable and confident.

Keep a chart on each prospect and take good notes. Write down what you told them you would do, i.e. “I will call in a couple days” or you invited them to the next step. Always have a bunch of folks in cycle. If you have 5 people in the baby steps process, you are always going to be busy and you are always going to have positive things happening like sales, new sponsors, and builder packs etc. Your mission is to reach through the portal (see I Sponsor People But They Don’t Do Anything) by meeting their top 25 candidates.

There is nothing you cannot accomplish in Vollara if you take Baby Steps!

Mike Jackson

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