A Fresh, New View


This is Mike Jackson. I serve Vollara as a Co-owner and The National Field Leader. Over the last six years, an all new business foundation has been built here at the Company. The platform for success has never been more sound. Over the years, over $400,000,000.00 has been earned by our distributors. Over $60,000,000.00 in bonus cars have been awarded. Many have changed their lives for the better. Continue reading A Fresh, New View

Meeting Etiquette

I attended my first business meeting at my brother Jim’s house about 36 years ago.  We were both new in our business and were pretty unorganized.  I can’t begin to guess how many thousands of events I have participated in since then or how many people we have impacted. But, I can tell you we have learned how to conduct a successful event. Here are some basic event protocols that can help you plan and conduct successful events for your business. Continue reading Meeting Etiquette

High Tech or High Touch?

Since the growth of the internet, Home Based Business Owners have argued what is the best way to grow their business.  Internet Technology or Face to Face building. I have always said, “when faced with two good options, take both!”

There are pros and cons in any form of doing business.  Meeting people face to face requires being outgoing and what do you do when you run out of people you know?  (I will address this later, but think of this.  I started at age 24 and did not know many people and was very shy.  Yet, today over one million people have joined my team)  I will show you how you can never run out of people in a moment.  Continue reading High Tech or High Touch?

Put Them Into The Movie

Years ago, “Big Al” Schreiter who is a stalwart of the industry used to say we needed to put our prospect “into the 45 second movie.”  What he was talking about was finding and magnifying a person’s why.

In my early days I would conduct meetings with lots of circles like an octopus and talk about PV and Legs.  People would look at you like you were building a Frankenstein Monster.  A much more effective way to teach the ‘Benefits” of the business is to focus on a person’s “Why”. Continue reading Put Them Into The Movie