Riding the Escalator to the Top

As 2016 approaches, it is a good time to reflect on our Vollara organizations. What do we want to accomplish in 2016? How much do I want to earn? What will I do with the earnings? What is the best way to earn bigger bonus checks and earn the benefits like bonus cars, travel and special benefits like Executive Sharing Pool cash and trips?

Over the last 28 years, I have monitored my teams income vs. activity. It is clear beyond question that sponsoring is the one key indicator that always directly equates to the size of earnings. As a general rule, here is the formula I have adhered to:

  • 5 new Distributors sponsored in an open group will create 5000 team volume and a good Executive Team.
  • 10 new Distributors sponsored in an open group will create 10,000 team volume and put a bonus car in the garage.
  • 15 new Distributors sponsored in an open group will create 15,000 team volume and get a team pointed towards Eagles Nest.

With this in mind, let’s discuss the best sponsoring practice called Baby Steps:

(Click the image to download PDF)

Consider Babysteps kind of like an escalator to a successful sponsoring process. Remember, sponsoring is never an event and is always a process. The Direct Selling Association tells us it generally takes up to 8 touches for a prospect to trust the relationship. It is a big deal for most folks to make a decision to buy or join. Our job is to make them comfortable and then fulfill our obligations as a sponsor.

It does not really matter what steps we begin with or end with. I have the Healthy Home Check Up listed first simply because this step creates tons of interest in both our business opportunity and our product line up. Start where you are comfortable. Use the Baby Steps tracker (download) to keep track of the steps you have taken with a prospect and have lots of fun and success building a team in 2016!

Mike Jackson
National Field Leader for Vollara

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