Barry Durbin Conducting Vollara Meeting

2015 Growth and Prosperity

2015 is the year of Vollara Growth and Prosperity.  I am 100% focused on helping your business grow if that is what you desire.

The ABC simple building system is going to help a lot of people succeed.  One of the components of ABC is the Host Rewards Program, which is the most powerful strategy I have been apart of in 37 years in the industry.  Recently, I interviewed brand new Level 6 Executive Barry Durbin on how he incorporates Host Rewards in his plan.  Barry marketed 36 Fresh Air units through 28 Host Rewards Events.

Barry states, “I am now at generation 5 and 6 deep in my group with Host Reward Events.  I no longer have to find hosts because the multiplication in my group is attracting more Hosts and Hostesses than I can even handle.  This business is mushrooming fast due to Host Rewards and ABC!”

Please listen to the audio of the most powerful 25 minutes I have heard in a long time.

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  1. I am a new distributor. Thank you for breaking down monthly goals (i.e., 2 HHS a week). This was a great reminder about condensing and compressing our time to be business-successful!

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