“I sponsor people but they don’t do anything!”

This is something I hear all the time from folks. I have some news for you. This is normal and to be expected. 80% of all people tend to get bogged down in life and never really get rolling on their own. Have you ever heard of the Pareto Principle? In the world of business, it simply means 80% of the success comes from 20% of the people and actions.

In Vollara the best way to make the Pareto Principle work for you instead of against you is to help the 80% move to become the 20%. Let me give a word picture to help see this: Imagine each person that you sponsor as a portal – kind of like a time machine portal. They are a door that takes you into another world. That world is all the people they know and have influence with. So how do you walk through this door and help your average 80% performer become and 20% performer generating 80% of the success?

Walk through this portal with them

It is this simple. See, most people think you sign up distributors and then teach and train them to become superstar leaders living the good life. Good luck with that plan! It rarely works. Pushing on people through lots of training, instruction and urging pushes them away. Here is a better plan – create success under and around them and give them “self-motivation” to want to sponsor, attend events and become leaders. This comes from walking through this imaginary portal I mentioned.

Walk through to a whole new world

I have been a full time networker for 35+ years and have never run out of new customers or new distributors. And, I have rarely had to spend a dime to get leads. Because I learned the ultimate secret to true duplication early in my career. It comes from walking with my new partner through the portal. When you walk through you find a large group of warm market prospects ready to join and ready to enjoy our products.  Prospects that are easy to work with because of the relationship they have with the Portal.  That is why in any room in America if you ask everyone to stand up that joined or bought due to a close friend, associate or relative, 75% of the room stands up.

Your main mission

If you are a new Distributor, your main mission is to get your upline partner in front of your 25 best candidates. Today, a new partner named Doug got it! Doug is an evangelist.  He got me on the phone for 10 minutes with his friends Bob and Ruth. Doug showed them the Living Water video with Carl Thompson doing the ORP and pH demos first. Then he calls me and I share the story of Living Water and my personal and other peoples testimonies. In 15 minutes Doug calls me back and tells me they are asking do we take a check or credit card for this retail Living Water sale. The unit shipped today! Works exactly the same in presenting the business.

This is the normal way all top 5% world class top leaders work with their groups. I am the activator. I create energy and results. It is my new partner’s main role to get me in front of bodies. This is how I can create early success and train him at the same time to become an Activator himself.

This is very different than “putting people under someone”. I enroll people under others to.  But, this does not create duplication and is temporary. We are instead walking through the portal from one warm market to the next warm market to the next warm market and that is duplication that never stops.

This is On-The-Job training and gets double edged results. Your new partner is making money. You are making money. And, you are training your new partner in success strategies.

So the next time you sponsor a new Distributor, take them by the hand and walk through the success portal to a great big world of customers and business partners – the true and only real duplication process that goes on forever and ever creating new business.


Mike Jackson

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