You can now Fast Start to Executive with Vollara!

A huge announcement was recently made by Vollara President William Coyle.  The Company has instituted a “Fast Start” to Level 6 Executive. Here is what this means to you and how you can now earn more faster.

  1. In as little as 32 days, a brand new distributor can be earning 35% Fast Start and Team Bonuses.  Here is an example of what that can do for your cash flow.
    • Sponsor a new business partner with a FreshAir Surround initial purchase and earn a $78.75 bonus.
    • Sponsor a new business partner with a FreshAir Builder Pack (4 units) and earn a $550.00.
    • Sponsor a new business partner with a Career or Freedom Pack and earn a $1,100.00!
  2. To reach these unprecedented profit levels in only 32 days here is what you do.
    • Achieve 8 points in your first 31 days.
    • Achieve 15 points in your second month.
    • Bonuses go retroactive back to first day of second month at 35%!
  3. As a qualified Executive Apprentice under the new Fast Start to Executive program, you now qualify to earn Executive Sharing Points in each month you achieve 15 points during your four- month Apprenticeship.  ESP points are a share of the Executive Sharing Pool or 2% of Company top line revenue.
  4. As a qualified Executive Apprentice, you can start earning a Vollara Bonus Car and earn a position in the Eagles Nest Program.Never before have the earnings potential been this high this fast.  Make the fall of 2015 your year of success in Vollara!!!


Mike Jackson

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