Clean Clothes without Detergent

Every once in awhile, a disrupter technology emerges that changes an entire industry. A 25-year old engineer named Willis Carrier did this in 1902 with air conditioning. Henry Ford brought assembly line manufacturing to the automobile and the horseless carriage was here to stay. Dozens of Corporations went out of business when Ford changed an entire world.

LaundryPure is such an invention. Clothes have been washed with detergents since Palmolive hit the market in 1898. Since then not much has changed – until now!

Benefits of using LaundryPure by Vollara

  • Softer, fluffier chemical free laundry
  • Eliminate the need for laundry soap
  • Save average family of 4 up to $462 a year
  • Stop unnecessary petrochemical pollution
  • Lessening the chemical burden on our bodies
  • Government figures indicate save $1.42 every load
  • Be a better steward of the environment
  • No more skin sensitivities to detergent

How LaundryPure Works!

NASA inspired technology infuses cold water with oxygen, hydrogen peroxide and other safe cleaning gasses. Natural forces bubble, lift stains and dirt out of fabric. The result is softer, fluffier, brighter and cleaner laundry! And the need for chemical based detergents and hot water are eliminated.

Question: Who else washes laundry in a similar way?

Answer: Almost anyone who does laundry by the ton!

Large Hotels, Hospitals, Correctional Institutions and Nursing Homes. Almost any large facility with a need to wash a lot of laundry!

Vollara gives American Families the same advantages large institutions enjoy!

Microbiologically clean laundry! Significant Savings with no hot water or laundry soap.


Listen to this call with LaundryPure expert Dr. Troy Sanford.

Unique Features

  • Designed and Built in USA for reliability and durability
  • Creates high intensity cleaning water for general household cleaning
  • Small, light unit that is easy to install
  • Maintenance free model
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • 10 year projected useful life of unit
  • Blue status light glows with normal operation
  • Certified Space Technology

As featured on Fox News…

Save One Billion Gallons of water from unnecessary chemical contamination!

Get towels softer and fluffier and help clothes last longer – Build-up on towels, lines, and your clothes can weight them down. Over time, LaundryPure lifts old detergents out of fibers, restoring their natural softness.


We took ten new towels to the wash: The towels on the left were washed five times with a popular laundry detergent. The detergents are weighing the towels down. Imagine a lifetime of wash cycles. The towels on the right were washed five times with LaundryPure and cold water only. With LaundryPure, the towels are fluffy and the colors look like new.

Save American Families Millions of dollars by not buying unnecessary chemical based laundry soaps and fabric softeners!

LaundryPure is only available from Vollara.

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