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I attended my first business meeting at my brother Jim’s house about 36 years ago.  We were both new in our business and were pretty unorganized.  I can’t begin to guess how many thousands of events I have participated in since then or how many people we have impacted. But, I can tell you we have learned how to conduct a successful event. Here are some basic event protocols that can help you plan and conduct successful events for your business.

Before the Event

It is always a good idea to bring your guest to an event rather than simply hope they show up.  I used to say “I am going to be in your area, why don’t I just pick you up and then after the event, we can stop and have coffee and discuss.

It is a good practice to “not” try to discuss the business or product on the way to the event.  There will most likely be an expert presenting and it is best to let them do the overview.  So what do you talk about on the way in the car?


FORM is to help you remember what to talk about.  The question is generally the answer.  You are trying to find the persons need or their hurt.  Talk genuinely about their family, occupation, and recreation and then you will be in a position to have a message.  Later after the Showcase is over, you should know a great deal about your guest and be in a position to fill the need.

Never use Network Marketing jargon.

What would you think if you walked in a room of strangers and someone walked up and said “Who are you under?” or “Are your sponsored yet?” or “What is your rank” or “How much PV do you have this month!”  They think you are from another planet or in some cult.  Instead be a great Meet and Greet ambassador for Vollara and your team.  Make people feel welcome and glad they came.

During the Event

  1. Events must start on time
  2. As a team member, representatives should always be the first to an event and the last to leave.  We never want a guest to show up first and nobody is present but some guy setting up the display.  There is lots of work and as a leader it is great to have you pitch in and also be front and center to do meet and greet
  3. Be casual not formal when guest arrive.  Hey, it’s a fun business party.  Make them so glad they came.
  4. Use FORM to make small talk
  5. If there is a product display, it is ok to do some casual show and tell but never upstage the presenter.  Say things like, I just love the Fresh Air and can’t wait for you to see Robia present it.  He is a true expert.
  6. Edify the speaker.  This is your single biggest task.  If our CEO Joe Urso is speaking, I may say “This guy has the Midas touch when it comes to business.  Anyone that gets on board with him tends to really benefit big.  You are going to love this guy.”  Your pre-edifying makes the event 100% more powerful.
  7. No cell phone or texting – period.  This is a tough one for the younger generation who feel naked without their iPhone.  When you text or read email while the speaker is pouring out their heart, you are killing the room.  Turn it off and put it away when you walk in the room.
  8. No group discussions in the back of the room.  This is so disrespectful to the speaker.  When someone does that to me I simply stop speaking in front of the room and focus on the noise. They get the message quick.  If you must, go outside.  But, if we can’t focus for an hour or 90 minutes, wow!
  9. Take bathroom breaks before and after.

This is big business.  Would you sit and text in a meeting where you were putting together a million dollar deal?  Would you stand in the back of the room and whisper or tell jokes if the CEO of a big Company was putting together a merger with your business?  I treat Vollara like a 100 million dollar business and that is why this is where we are going and beyond.

After the Presentation

This is where the real work begins.  100% focus is required.  Put all your energy into your guest.  Sit them down and answer questions. Ask, what did you like most about what your heard.  Or, on a scale of 1 to 10 where are you in terms of moving forward.  And, what will it take to get you to a 10.  What else can I provide to give you confidence?

Have a bullseye on every event.  What is the best outcome? Remember baby steps.  The purpose of the first step is the second step.  Be purpose driven when bringing guest to events and conducting events.  People love attending your Showcase when you plan your work and then work your plan.


Mike Jackson

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  1. We missed you on Thursday night as we were caught on I-95 northbound from Deland. I am eager to meet with you again as I have lots of questions. As a new distributor I anticipate every opportunity to receive training.
    Thank you so much,
    Deltona, Florida

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