Put Them Into The Movie

Years ago, “Big Al” Schreiter who is a stalwart of the industry used to say we needed to put our prospect “into the 45 second movie.”  What he was talking about was finding and magnifying a person’s why.

In my early days I would conduct meetings with lots of circles like an octopus and talk about PV and Legs.  People would look at you like you were building a Frankenstein Monster.  A much more effective way to teach the ‘Benefits” of the business is to focus on a person’s “Why”.

When Julie says, “How does the business work?”  Here is the answer:  Julie, fast forward one year.  Instead of waking up at 6:00 am and dressing the children while they are half asleep, feeding them a quick bowl of cereal and running them to daycare, your New Normal is like this.  You wake up “when you are done sleeping”. You get the kids up and enjoy a relaxing brunch with the gang. Then you plan out your day.  I have an interview with a possible partner at noon over coffee.  Our nanny will take you guys to the library to pick up some books.  Then mom will be back and we can ride bikes together at the park.  The housecleaner comes today, so make sure your clothes are in the hamper ready for Jean to wash and iron.  I have a one hour Healthy Home Showcase tonight.  We will eat dinner at our favorite restaurant together after!

Our how about John?  John, things are going to be different in January of 2016, one year from now.  I want you to get this vision. You drive to work like normal, but it is a New Normal.  You walk into your boss’s office and sit down across from him.  Today you are filled with confidence and match his actions by putting your feet up!  You let the boss know that your job at HIS company is starting to interfere with your spare time BUSINESS you have been building on 15 hours a week.  So, you have to put in your resignation notice.  If he needs any help, it is ok to call from 10 am to 11 am.  You will be happy to help on an hourly consulting basis. You then load up your desk “stuff” and walk past the employees who are looking stunned.  You get into your Bonus Car that says Bonus 1 on the license and stop at the bank to deposit your bonus check and your profits for the week.

You have learned the awesome lesson that Profits are Better than Wages.  You are now a Free Man and living the good life!

You just spent the last few minutes in the “movie” – The true story of your new life.  Brian Ellsworth, one of our top leaders and presenters says “If they know the why, they will figure out the how”.  Find out the top 5 reasons the business MUST work and Put your partners in that movie and play it weekly.  Get a popcorn machine too.  It is fun to go to the movies in your own home theater!


Mike Jackson

One thought on “Put Them Into The Movie”

  1. Mike,

    Great message and so true! Bottom line it’s watching someone “walk through their reason why” that excites me most. I am so grateful for this business. I will be headed to Captiva Island with my family in less than a month for my first of 4 (maybe 6 this year) vacations of 2015. As you know Mike this was a goal I set 3 yrs ago, and because of an incredible team, a great company, and fantastic leaders like you I have been able to accomplish this. What a business! If this former home builder can do it, you can too!

    To the Top,


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