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Success Nuggets

A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. I have believed and taught for nearly 40 years that “getting started is ½ done”. I am working on my third book. I had planned on writing this book called “What I learned about Success from Failure for about six years.” But, until I typed the first page I only continued to plan. The first page was truly ½ done. I now have twenty chapters completed.

In the Vollara business, the big lifetime residual income comes from sponsoring and building teams. It is easy and fun to think about sponsoring one person a week. It is exciting to build models that show how much one would earn with 4 strong power legs. But, setting up those first business presentations is not only the most important but it is also the toughest task we will face in this quest. Once you conduct those first 10 one on one presentations, the second 10 are easier. And, it just keeps getting easier, more fun and more profitable.

It generally takes 5 to 7 one on one appointment’s offering the business and inviting someone to join as new partner.  Some high powered presenters can sponsir 1 of 3 while some newbie’s sponosr 1 of 10.  When I invite to join, I offer the Career Pack at a cost just over $3000.00. As a level six leader, that adds $1,100.00 to my bonus check. Accomplished weekly, that adds about $60,000.00 annually!

Someone says to me, $3000.00 is allot of money to ask for. I respond to that by reminding I am not selling seven technologies to my new partner. I am putting someone in business. A man that works on my staff owned 25 Burger Kings. He told me the Burger King sign package is $70,000.   Opening a GNC vitamin store would cost over $300,000. A MacDonalds franchise on a good corner is over $1,000,000. I would not trade my Vollara business for any one of those business models.  It is important to put things in perspective.  The Vollara Career Pack is America’s best plan for launching a business.

Here is my future

Over the next 12 months, I will give no less than 5 business interviews a week, sometimes 10. I am confident that I will sponsor 52 new partners and most will join with a Career Pack. That will provide my family with a $60,000.00 raise. But, in reality much much more will be earned than $60,000.00. Why more, because out of that group many will take hold of the opportunity and soar. This is going to be an exciting year. Why don’t you join me! In tomorrow’s Success Nuggets, I will discuss how to find these folks to interview and how to interview them too!

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