Debt is a Disease

About 30 years ago I met an amazing man. His name was Jim Rohn. I listened to a cassette of his teaching and became a personal development fanatic that day. Later I met Jim and became his friend. He taught me many lessons including “debt is a disease.”

When I met him I was deep in debt with no way out. Like so many Americans, I bought now and paid later. Jim encouraged me to become debt free and live that way the rest of my life. This message was stimulated by a Facebook message I read from my niece Amy Martin. Here is the post:

Amy Martin Jackson
Amy Martin Jackson

“Paying extra towards our debt from our side income doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but today I was so encouraged to see that we have reduced our debt by over $18,000 since February! Feels incredible. Contact me and I would be happy to share some great resources for debt reduction and lifestyle increase and tell you my story! This is not about skipping your daily latte folks…in fact order a large and buy one for the person behind you because when you know how to make money you don’t have to be a stingy scrooge! On a crusade to eliminate burdensome debt for me, my family and future generations.”

Amy joined team Vollara on February first and has earned an “extra” $18,000 in a little over 60 days. She and Tim were wise to dump those funds on debt reduction. Proud of you two – keep it up and pay off all the debt and live free!
Vollara can be a tool to provide an extra $1000.00 a month of $1000.00 a day.  You get to choose rather than your boss choosing.  Imagine paying off $12,000.00 to $25,0000.00 a year in debt.  How quickly would you be free?  That may seem like allot to accomplish but here is the reality.

  • One to two Healthy Home Showcases per week
  • 2 to 5 hours per week time invested
  • Could and should generate two to four Fresh Airs in new customer homes on average
  • $9,600 to $19,200 annual pay down debt income!

Start a plan today.  Decide how much you want to pay down and how fast.  Your Vollara team can help you devise and execute a plan.  See you at the debt free celebration party!


Mike Jackson

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