Debt is a Disease

About 30 years ago I met an amazing man. His name was Jim Rohn. I listened to a cassette of his teaching and became a personal development fanatic that day. Later I met Jim and became his friend. He taught me many lessons including “debt is a disease.”

When I met him I was deep in debt with no way out. Like so many Americans, I bought now and paid later. Jim encouraged me to become debt free and live that way the rest of my life. This message was stimulated by a Facebook message I read from my niece Amy Martin. Continue reading Debt is a Disease

Healthy Living Solutions Newsletter

Hello to all our current and past customers as well as  business associates.  This is Mike Jackson the former CEO of EcoQuest International and current Co-owner and National Field Leader for Vollara.  Please enjoy this edition of our product news.  Fresh Air and Living Water are better than ever.  Appreciate your past and current association with our Company.  If you do not have a current Distributor, please let me know and we will direct you to someone.

With Appreciation,

Mike and Nata Jackson

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The May Edition of Healthy Living Solutions Includes

  • Banish Stinky Odors
  • Extend the Life of Your Clothes
  • How to Balance Your Bacteria
  • How FreshAir Works for You

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Healthy Living Solutions for May 2015


A Never-Ending Stream of Customers and New Partners

In 1978, Dr. Harold Bergquist took me under his wing as a new Distributor in networking. We were at the Thunderbird Motel in Bloomington, Minnesota. The Thunderbird sits next to the Mall of America and the stadium where the Minnesota Vikings played outdoors before dome facilities. It was pretty amazing when the Los Angelos Rams would come into play the Vikes and it was 30 below wind chill. Bud Grant would not let the Vikings wear gloves or coats. We intimidated the Rams to a loss before the flip of the coin!

Anyway, Dr. Bergquist heard I was living in a basement, driving a car with no back window and desiring success in my new business. He took me aside and said, “Son, if you will share the business opportunity with 500 people in a year, you will never earn less than $50,000.00 a year for the rest of your life.” I believed him and when people were standing up and sharing their goals and commitments, I stood up and stated “I will share the business with 500 prospects in the next 365 days.” Continue reading A Never-Ending Stream of Customers and New Partners

High Tech or High Touch?

Since the growth of the internet, Home Based Business Owners have argued what is the best way to grow their business.  Internet Technology or Face to Face building. I have always said, “when faced with two good options, take both!”

There are pros and cons in any form of doing business.  Meeting people face to face requires being outgoing and what do you do when you run out of people you know?  (I will address this later, but think of this.  I started at age 24 and did not know many people and was very shy.  Yet, today over one million people have joined my team)  I will show you how you can never run out of people in a moment.  Continue reading High Tech or High Touch?


As you begin your Vollara career either part-time or full-time, belief will either make or break you.

Our belief systems determine our activities and our activities determine our results.  This is a pretty big statement that deserves some explanation.

First, our beliefs determine our activities.  We act upon what we believe is true.  Let me give an analogy.  If I told you I would send you an extra $500.00 bonus for each guest you bring to this months Vollara business meetings, those of you that “really” believed this to be true would have 25, 50 or even 100 guest at events this month.   Are you with me?

Continue reading Belief

2015 Growth and Prosperity

2015 is the year of Vollara Growth and Prosperity.  I am 100% focused on helping your business grow if that is what you desire.

The ABC simple building system is going to help a lot of people succeed.  One of the components of ABC is the Host Rewards Program, which is the most powerful strategy I have been apart of in 37 years in the industry.  Recently, I interviewed brand new Level 6 Executive Barry Durbin on how he incorporates Host Rewards in his plan.  Barry marketed 36 Fresh Air units through 28 Host Rewards Events.

Barry states, “I am now at generation 5 and 6 deep in my group with Host Reward Events.  I no longer have to find hosts because the multiplication in my group is attracting more Hosts and Hostesses than I can even handle.  This business is mushrooming fast due to Host Rewards and ABC!”

Please listen to the audio of the most powerful 25 minutes I have heard in a long time.