Air Restore Shuts Down – We will buy broken units

EcoQuest International – Alpine Industries

My name is Michael Jackson. I was the co-owner and CEO of Alpine Industries and CEO and owner of EcoQuest International.  If you have purchased ozone generators from Air Restore and they are not functioning, I will give you a generous credit for your non working technology and provide you with a unit that is the World’s only NASA Certified Space Technology.  Unlike Air Restore, our systems are legal in California and Canada.  Air Restore units make ozone which is banned from both California and Canada.  

So don’t lose your money due to shut down and no warranty.

I can hook you up with an authorized distributor or the Company. We can provide you with brand new technology at great prices, a generous trade in credit and with a 3 to 5 year parts and labor warranty.


Our 2016 and 2017 technology works 44 times more effectively than the old product and has been tested at Universities for effectiveness.

Don’t be duped, get the real thing.

Call Mike Jackson at 423-552-2016.

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