Win Big with Vollara’s Apprenticeship Program and 333!

You can Win Big with Vollara’s Apprentice Program and 333! Have you always desired to reach the Level 6 Executive position and the lifestyle available at that level?  If so, the Vollara Apprenticeship may be your ticket to Success. During the months of March and April, Vollara is accepting Apprentice Executives. It does not matter if you are brand new or a seasoned veteran. If you want to become a Vollara Executive and if you want to have a good chance of attending the VIP Luxury Vacation at a World Class Resort in Puerto Rico and share in the vault of money from the Revenue Sharing Program then read on!

Any combination of 15 Points* and you are in – It’s that simple and acheivable

Just earn 15 ESP (Executive Sharing Pool) points from March 1st to April 30th and you will be promoted to Apprentice Executive and be eligible to qualify in May through December for the VIP Trip and Shares of the Revenue Sharing Fund!

Puerto Rico!

Points are no problem to earn

  1. Sign up a new Wholesale Buyer by you or in your open group – 1 point
  2. Sign up a new Distributor that stays active for two months or on Auto Delivery for two months by you or in your open group – 2 points
  3. Order a Builder Pack by you or in your open group – 2 points
  4. Promote a new level 5 team leader on your open group team – 2 points

Start Now – Don’t Miss This!

It’s as easy as Triple 3’s

3 Wholesale Buyers   = 3 points
3 Distributors              = 6 points
3 Builder Packs           = 6 points
                                       15 points – You Start Winning Big!

How to get into the Apprentice Program

Send a short email to Bill Coyle and Mike Jackson @ www.bcoyle@vollara.com and bestamer@aol.com

Tell us:

  1. Why you desire to be in the Apprentice Program
  2. How many people hours you plan to devote to achieving the position of Apprentice Executive
  3. What plans and programs you will impliment i.e. Host Rewards, Business Showcases etc.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity – If you are not achieving the dreams you have for your life that you are capable of achieving, it is for one reason only.  Your goals are not clearly defined. J.Paul Meyer   The target is clear.  The requirements are clear.  Jump in now and execute your plan.  Your upline team and the Home Office is ready to help!

Note: To apply for the Apprentice Executive Program, you must be nominated by your upline Executive.  Please contact them to discuss details.



Mike Jackson


*Check with Vollara Program rules for details

4 thoughts on “Win Big with Vollara’s Apprenticeship Program and 333!”

  1. These ‘baby steps’ are going to be my opportunity to achieve my dream with Vollara. I believe very much in the products we have and I am not ashamed to stand behind them. They are wonderful.

  2. Hoping to get active now, that most of my medical issues are past or nearly so. I haven’t experienced anything like this in my 84 years before. I told Millie to jiust cll me Job. Thankfully many prayers were answered in my behalf. They were praying all around the world, literally for me. God is so good! I’ll be in touch. Chuck

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