Vollara’s June FreshAir Trade-up Program was a Smashing SUCCESS!

Let’s keep the momentum going and add more options. Vollara meets you where you are!

Here is how the July program for Trade-Up works

The person upgrading their FreshAir unit chooses from one of three FREE gifts with each and every qualified Trade-up:

  1. They Get a FREE FreshAir Personal* in July (Value $100) or
  2. They  Get 2 FREE FreshAir Focuses* in July (Value $160) or
  3. They Get a LivingWater Product Voucher Credit of $300 (Value $300) {This credit is valid through 2015 towards your next full price purchase of a LivingWater unit. Only one voucher per LivingWater purchase may be used. Standard PV reduction applies on the purchase of the LW Unit using a Product Credit Voucher}

Wow – This is a great added benefit!

YES ─ EVERY Trade-up gives you the choice of one of the three FREE gift options noted above.

ShareNetworkReach Out in July with this concrete and value-rich offer!

All the innovative high points of last month’s Trade-up Program remain unchanged!

  • No shipping of old units required in July
  • Just use your old serial number and dispose of the unit properly
  • Save the cost and hassles of mailing in your old unit
  • Fast turnaround ─ from days of delay to hours in most cases!
  • Many FreshAir units qualify for the Trade-up ─ see details for complete information
  • No FreshAir Buddy as trades
  • No FreshAir Focus as trades
  • Almost everything else qualifies

* Alternative FREE gift options apply for Canada and California. The 3 choices are:

  1. 2-boxes of Re:Vive
  2. 2-bottles of Royal Essentials
  3. $300 LivingWater Voucher

Standard shipping and any applicable taxes on FREE unit do apply!

June was the biggest growth month in many, many years! Thanks for all the great efforts on your part! Now build Your Team In July – Rich Rewards!

Vollara will give YOU a FREE* LivingWater or FreshAir Cube as a reward for your July Sponsoring efforts!  Here’s how:

Personally Sponsor 3 New Distributors in July who are Active in July and you’ll earn a Vollara FreshAir Cube* valued at $375…

That’s a $125 prize bonus per sponsorship! {Earners from California and Canada will receive the Vollara SteadyPower unit valued at $625 in lieu of the FreshAir Cube}

But why stop at 3 when you can go all the way in July and earn a $2,200 LivingWater Unit for personally Sponsoring only 6 brand new Distributors in July who are Active in July? That’s over $350 in extra bonus prizes per sponsorship ─ it’s never been better!

*Shipping and taxes on FREE product paid by Distributor


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