Come With Us To Dublin!

Puerto Rico is going to be beautiful and we are really excited about this year’s trip, but we want MORE of you with us next year in Dublin!

It’s The Luck Of The Irish…

Normally it would take 15 points for 9 months in 2016 to qualify for Dublin, but as luck would have it, YOU ONLY NEED 8 in January and 8 in February!

Get Your 8 Points For January By Next Tuesday

If you have already earned some points this month, or even if you haven’t started yet, 8 points is a very obtainable goal:

  • Each New Distributor sponsored in your Open Group (including your Personal Sponsorships) each with 100PV or an Authorized AutoDelivery – 2 Points
  • Builder Pack purchases by your Open Group (including your own) – 2 Points
  • So if you sponsor a New Distributor with a Builder Pack, that’s 4 Points!

Get it all before Tuesday, February 2, 2016 (you can backdate orders the first two days of February), and you are qualified in January for 1 of the required 9 months to earn the VIP Club Trip to Dublin!

And, you don’t even have to be an Executive or an Apprentice in these months! Just get your 8 points in January and/or in February, and you are in the hunt for Ireland!

And don’t forget – every New Wholesale Buyer in your Open Group also gets you 1 Point, so it can all add up fast.

There’s No Time To Waste!

This is going to be the trip of a lifetime! Castles, beauty, history, ancestry, culture – you’ll have stories and memories to share for years and we know you don’t want to miss out.

12 Months To Grow

Just Announced: When you qualify for the Executive Apprentice Program as a new or existing Apprentice, you will now have an Apprentice Period of 12 full months towards earning Executive Level compensation to grow your business and your groups, including up to 35% Bonuses, Car Bonus eligibility, and the VIP Club Trip. That’s huge!


How can we make this better? What about a fresh start for every non-Executive Distributor? If you are not currently in the Apprentice Program, you now have the opportunity to get in by having 15 points in any month before April 2016. The month you attain 15 points will become the first month of your new 12-month Apprentice Period. You do not want to let that opportunity slip by. The choice is yours!

8 Can Be Your New Lucky Number

8 points in January and/or in February begins your qualifications for the VIP Club Trip to Dublin. Again, you only need 8 points in those months to earn VIP Club Trip credits towards the 9 needed. There after you will need to achieve the regular VIP Club Trip qualifiers as an Executive or Executive Apprentice to take the VIP Trip to Ireland. So don’t delay! Be sure to get your 8 before Tuesday, and start early for another 8 in February.

And remember, you will need to qualify for 7 additional months in 2016, including October, November, and December, to earn the VIP Trip for Two to Dublin, Ireland. You may qualify with 8 points in January, 8 points in February, and 15 points in the other required months. 15 points earned per month will also qualify you for the Executive Apprentice Program Benefits (see the Apprentice Program for all the details).

P.S. Be sure to download the Executive Points Tracker spreadsheet (Excel) to help you keep track of your points in 2016. 

Get Started Now and We’ll See You In Ireland!


See Program Rules for complete VIP Club Trip details.

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